Here's a little titbit about me. ;)

I'm very bad at writing public profiles, mostly because I'm an INFJ, and INFJs find it extremely hard to reveal themselves to people they don't really want to reveal themselves to, so I'm just going to begin with what I'm willing to reveal about myself and hope you'll like it. ;)

I'm twenty-seven years old, warm,  generous, considerate, old-fashioned, compassionate, kind, and remarkable man with big ideas, ambitions, and dreams, who strives to save the world or at least make it a much better place to live, loves to practice positive mental attitude, neuro-linguistic-programming, and law of attraction, annoy and entertain people with his intelligence, use winks to lighten up the conversations he's having, read all kinds of books but young adult and sappy romance, write all kinds of stories his dirty mind can come up with, and watch old television shows, old sitcoms, and old movies cause let's be honest, the new ones suck, and at least to me, they are too terrible to be worthy of my attention. ;)
Um, what else ? Well, since this is a website for bookworms, I can honestly say that I'm one of you for the last couple of years, and that I'm truly addicted to psychological thrillers. So if you have any good recommendations with beautiful covers, please recommend me that book, and if the cover is beautiful enough, I'm going to find time to read it and review it. ;)