The Hidden Legacy

The Hidden Legacy - G. J. Minett

The Hidden Legacy is a very terrific, dark, powerful, gripping, and suspenseful psychological thriller, and also a debut novel from the author G. J. Minett, with such an amazingly well crafted riveting, and absorbing mystery, that it will grip you from the start, and make you cheer for its main character, Ellen Sutherland, whose story unfolds with every new chapter, as she slowly uncovers the true reason why she inherited a beautiful cottage that's worth a lot of money, that would free her of all the professional and personal stress, she has to deal with in her life, from a woman named Eudora Nash whom she never met in her life. And what she learns in the end, shocked me so much that I just had to give this one four well-deserved stars, and you'll probably do the same. ;)