The Secret By The Lake

The Secret by the Lake - Louise Douglas

I must say that Louise Douglas surprised the heck out of me with this story, because what I expected from her was another typical ghost story, but what I got was a lot more than that. She is no doubt master of her craft, and I can't wait to read more of her works, for which I am sure are as good as this one.


The Secret By The Lake is a captivating, addictive, and suspenseful, and beautifully written mystery/page turner which revolves around the Laurent family and their nanny named Amy.


When the tragedy strikes the Laurent family, the Laurent family is forced to move from France into a small lakeside cottage in the Somerset village, which used to be Julia Laurent's childhood home. And of course when they arrive there, strange things start happening, and Amy is the one who's there to uncover the secret behind the sudden disappearance of a Julia Laurent's older sister named Caroline, who's disappeared there three decades ago. 


I won't spoil to you who's to blame for her sudden disappearance, and what really happened to her, but I will tell you that The Secret By The Lake is a wonderful mystery, not at all a typical ghost story, and that the ending of the story is no less than perfect.