Frayed - Kara Terzis


Frayed follows a sixteen year old girl named Ava, who struggles with the aftermath of her sister's Kesley's death/murder. 


Anyway, around a month later, the police is as clueless as it was when they found Kesley's body, and Kesley's bff named Rafe comes back to town. He offers Ava a ride home, and she accepts his offer, so she can ask him during a ride if he had anything to do with her sister's murder. He denies he had anything to do with it ( because who wouldn't? ), and tells her that he would never harm her. Ava somehow believes his story and eventually develops an unhealthy crush on him, even though she has a boyfriend of two years. And since the police is still clueless as to who did it, she decides to find her sister's murderer on her own, and of course Rafe is there to help her find him. And as she is searching for her sister's murderer, she finds out her goody two shoes sister wasn't goody two shoes at all. I'll spare you the rest ( laughs ).


I don't know, really, it's probably just me and my undying hatred toward young adult and sappy romance novels, but this book just wasn't my cup of tea, and I feel like I should be getting a reward for finishing it, because to me ithis wasn't a riveting psychological thriller at all. it was more like a young adult novel with a murder mystery.