The Zahir

The Zahir: A Novel of Obsession - Paulo Coelho

This was my third Paulo Coelho's story, with the first two being The Alchemist and The Winner Stands Alone, and I must say that unlike with the first two stories, this story did not leave me pleasantly surprised. It left me speechless. 


The Zahir is a profound story narrated by the bestselling writer and a cheating husband who has lost his wife Esther, due to his unending cheating habits and her friend Michail. 


Around two years later, when he's sort of moved on with his life and with another woman named Marie, and he's still sort of obsessed with his wife's disappearance (so obsessed he's written a book or two books about her), he gets a visit during his book launch, from the guy who stole his wife, and the guy who stole his wife from him sort of tells him that his wife is okay and he shouldn't worry about her anymore.


He of course grabbs the opportunity, and tries his best to convince him to let him see his wife with whom he's still married to, because he just can't move on with his life  and with Marie until he does see her, and because he's still very much obsessed with her, and wants some answers to very tough questions. And because to him on a profound level she's still his Zahir, his one true soulmate. 


And as he embarks on a journey or on a mission to get his wife back and stop obsessing over her, he finds out a few interesting facts about true love and the universe's spiritual involvement in it, that are truly amazing to those readers who've never been in love and have never experienced it on a deeper profound level and less amazing and dare I say boring and annoying to those readers who have somewhat been in love, have experienced it and got burned as they loved. And the profound answers he gets during a process of discovering himself, true meaning of love and his marriage to Esther, can either amaze or annoy the heck out of you. ;)


So this profound story isn't just for everyone. And I must warn you that chapters keep dragging on and on, are extremely long and very difficult to read. But once you'll reach the ending of the story you'll realize the entire story was worth the read. ;)