The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo (Barnes & Noble Signature Editions) by Dumas, Alexandre (2012) Hardcover - Alexandre Dumas

The Count of Monte Cristo tells a story of a young and very humble sailor who has just returned from a long trip back to his town to see his father and to marry the love of his life. But the things don't go as he planned, since he becomes a victim of conspiracy, and is tried for treason and put into jail.


There he meets an old man who's been there for years and that old man teaches him for the next eight years about everything he had no idea about before his imprisonment.


When the old man approaches his death, he shares with Edmond the location of a hidden treasure, Edmond agrees to find it and take care of it as soon as he escapes the prison. And when the old man dies, he grabs the opportunity for escape, and puts himself into the old man's sack, not knowing that the prison doesn't have an actual graveyard, but simply throws the sacks into the sea.


He somehow manages to survive the fall into the sea and to escape the prison. Then he meets the captain and lies to him that he's a victim of a shipwreck. The captain agrees to take him on board and employ him, even though he looks like a prisoner, since he hasn't shaved for years  


And once Edmond reaches the island of Monte Cristo, the captain goes away with his ship, and Edmond goes to search for the hidden treasure. He finds that treasure and becomes the Count of Monte Cristo - hence the name or the title of the book.


But the story doesn't end there and it would be pointless for me to spoil or ruin it for you. I will say this though: The Count of Monte Cristo is a masterpiece, and at least to me, it deserves its title of being one of the best stories ever written.


I can't remember when it was the last time a story kept me up all night breaking the one page rule over and over again until I finished five to ten chapters.


Bur I enjoyed going through it and I promise you that so will you. The Count of Monte Cristo is the strongest story of revenge to date.