Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Darkly Dreaming Dexter  - Jeff Lindsay

Dexter Morgan works as a blood spatter analyst for a Miami Metro police department by day, and hunts for serial killers and all kinds of monsters by night.


He's so incredibly handsome, charming, and kind, and he's got such a great sense of humor that nobody can see that he's just another wolf in sheep's clothing, or a borderline sociopath. ;)


Not even his step/sister Deborah who can't seem to stop using the f word in every sentence she utters from her annoying mouth and wants so badly to be promoted, and get out of her hooker duty,


or his insecure girlfriend Rita, who ends up being even more annoying than Deborah in the end.


And the only one who truly suspects there must be something going on behind Dexter's seemingly perfect image and attitude he likes to show to everyone he meets, is a Homicide Detective and a true jerkface named James Doakes.


There are other characters in this book, like Angel "no relation" Batista who's a homicide detective, I believe, a guy named Harry, who was Dexter's foster father and the guy who introduced him to the killings, since Dexter couldn't control himself, some funny guy named Vince/nt Masuoka, who's Dexter's friend and a co-worker, some woman lieutenant Laguerta, who's creepily and unhealthily attracted to Dexter, and if my memory serves me right also Deborah's boss, and some guy named Captain Matthews, who used to be Harry's friend while Harry was still alive.


Anyway, I just can't believe that not even one of them, besides Doakes, as annoyingly entertaining as they all are, notices throughout the book that there's something going on with Dexter. 


If you are going to be brave enough to plunge into this gripping thriller series thanks to this annoyingly entertaining review that's not a review at all, thanks to the fact that I'm not a spoiler monster, and willing to ruin the first part of this series for you,


I must warn you that you're going to have to prepare yourself first for some very gruesome scenes, fascinating insight into Dexter's sociopathic character, dark and gripping descriptions, and funny, somewhat witty, and extremely annoying dialogue. 


But Jeff Lindsay,  or whatever the author's real name is truly delivers it with the ending, and makes the ending perfect. In fact, so perfect that I'm willing to plunge into the next book of this series, truly devour it, and see and learn what's next for Dexter's character and the rest of the annoyingly entertaining bunch. ;)