Dearly Devoted Dexter

Dearly Devoted Dexter  - Jeff Lindsay

Dearly Devoted Dexter is a second installment of Jeff Lindsay's Dexter Morgan book series, and a fantastic continuation of the book series. I must say that it's not as dark, not as creepy, not as gruesome, and not as riveting than the first one, but that's what makes it even more witty, interesting and entertaining to read.



This time the story surprisingly doesn't revolve just around Dexter Morgan's character, who's a borderline sociopath that everyone loves,



or his foster sister Deborah, who's the most annoyingly entertaining character so far in this series,  


but it also revolves around his arch nemesis James Doakes, a homicide detective, and the only guy who suspects that something's wrong with Dexter, or in another words, that's he's a homicidal maniac. He suspects Dexter to such an extent that he's always on his tail, thus making it impossible to Dexter to kill another serial killer or a child killer, he so wants to kill. 


So, as we read and go through the chapters of this installment, we find out some very interesting details from Doakes's past, and we get a true insight into his annoyingly entertaining character.


Which, at least to me, is quite refreshing for this series, because there's less of the annoying Deborah's f-word dialogue, and more of Vince's Masuka's and even Angel Batista's funny and witty dialogue, and quite enough of Doakes's annoyingly entertaining dialogue.


Anyway, Dexter has to throw Doakes of his trail, so he decides to play house with his girlfriend Rita, and her kids Astor and Cody, and even takes Cody fishing with him and get's engaged by mistake. And surprise, surprise, there's a new serial killer in town that's so really nasty and connected to none other than James Doakes. And Doakes in the effort to catching that bastard gets a help from his old friend Kyle Chutsky, who due to some strange reason is attracted to Deborah and the other way around.


There's so much more I wanna tell you, but that would spoil the annoyingly entertaining ride for you. So I'm just going to tell you this:


If you haven't read the first installment of this series, don't even bother reading this installment, because there's a huge spoiler at the beginning of this installment, that kind of spoils the ending of the first installment, thus ruins the first installment for you, and you might not end up being entertained and pleasantly surprised by the ending of the first installment, and especially of this installment. ;)