The Spider in the Corner of the Room.

The Spider in the Corner of the Room (The Project Trilogy) - Nikki Owen

The Spider in the Corner of the Room is the first book of Nikki Owen's The Project trilogy, and a wonderfully compelling, somewhat intense, and extremely addictive thriller that talks about a young plastic surgeon named Maria Martinez who's got Asperger’s, and is in prison for killing a priest, or in another words, a crime she has no memory of commiting.


But memories of other things keep flooding her mind, and she starts remembering bits and pieces during her stay in prison. She remembers so many different things from the past that will make you wonder who she really is and what is really going on with her and everyone else around her, if she's really MI5 operative, who from the side characters is really worthy of her trust, and what the heck is Project Callidus really about.


So feel free do dig into this great and extremely addictive thriller, and I promise you that you won't regret a single minute spent reading it for it will keep you up all night with it's twists and turns that will really make you root for Maria and somewhat intense dialogue, which will keep you turn page after page until you'll reach the ending. 


I don't usually give five stars to the books, but this one deserved every single star, for it is definitely worth a re-read in a near or distant future, and I will most definitely continue with the second and the third book of this trilogy, for this trilogy looks very promising and I for one can't wait to find out more about it and read its ending. ;)