Halloween Bingo Challenge: The Terrifying Tales by Edgar Allen Poe.

The Terrifying Tales by Edgar Allen Poe: Tell Tale Heart; The Cask of the Amontillado; The Masque of the Red Death; The Fall of the House of Usher; The ... Purloined Letter; The Pit and the Pendulum - Allan Poe,  Edgar

This great book is basically a short collection of Edgar Allen Poe's most famous terrifying short tales up to date that may and may not be appropriate for children. So it's your choice whether you decide to read it to them in the dark or not and traumatise them for life.   


Some of the tales from this book are very good and very terrifying, especially when read in the dark or by the candlelight. However, others are just somewhat scary and too short to be terrifying, and don't scare or terrify a reader at all. Well, they didn't scare or terrify me, probably because I'm a tough nut to crack.


I don't know, maybe it's just me, and my experience with reading this genre, but I must say to you that I expected much more from Edgar Allen Poe. And I'm sure that there's a book out there with the entire collection of his terrifying tales that are more terrifying, and much more scarier than some of the tales from this book. 


Anyway, as much as I'd love to share a brief summary of every terrifying tale with you guys, I'm going to pass this time, and let you decide which tales are terrifying and which tales are not. And please don't forget to share your honest opinions. ;)