Halloween Bingo Challenge: Hell House

Hell House - Richard Matheson

I don't even know where to begin with this review. I don't know whether to be honest with you and share my honest opinion, or just spoil the heck out of it and ruin it for you ? 


Hell House is probably one of the most creepiest and scariest stories that I've read so far in my life ( and I've read plenty of creepy and scary stories), and I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy or to my closest friends, or even to you,


because there were moments that really made me gag, and there were moments that really scared the heck ( or the S word ) out of me.


And I'm not joking. There were times I wanted to stop reading this book and give up on it because of its disturbing content. And I feel like I should be getting a medal or some kind of a reward for having enough courage and enough guts to finish it.


You'll see for yourself when you'll decide to jump in it ( which I hope you won't ), that the story is filled with some incredibly disturbing scenes, and very intense dialogue between characters, and a truly haunted house filled with evil spirits who were once people who participated in orgies, and other sick and twisted and perverse stuff the Hell House's owner wanted them to participate in. 


That said. The story follows four great characters ( with whom you're going to have love and hate relationship with ), who are there to investigate the spiritual phenomena and report their discoveries to a man named William Deutsch.


First one is Dr. Barrett, who's a true pain in the ass and believes he can stop the haunting of the house with some kind of a machine, and then there's his loving wife Edith, who's a total darling with some personal fears and some horrible sexual fantasies, and is only there to support her husband, and then there's Florence Tanner, who's a spiritualist and a former actress, and then there's Benjamin Fischer, who's a physical medium, or something like that, and a total hero like personality.


Anyway, from the moment they enter the Hell House horrible things start happening to them, and those are the kind of things that are not for the faint-hearted. So if you're an Empath, stay the heck away from this book, for this is the kind of book that can give you nightmares for the next two months or more. I can only hope to erase it out of my memory.