Halloween Bingo Challenge: Brida.

Brida - Paulo Coelho, Rita Desti

Well, here goes, my Booklikes friends. As you already know, I have read and reviewed Paulo Coelho's "The Winner Stands Alone", and as you already know, I have also read and reviewed Paulo Coelho's "The Zahir". I have loved both to a large extent. But this amazing and incredibly deep and profound book...


Let's just say it has left me speechless to such an extent that I have no idea what to write about it to make it interesting enough for all of you guys and somehow convince you to put it on your to-read list or into your reading schedule.


All I can say to you is, that Mr. Coelho did it again. For me, he truly is a master story teller, incredibly skilful writer that can leave you speechless while reading his works, and one of the best if not the greatest writers of our time.


I was blown away by "The Winner Stands Alone", and I was blown away by "The Zahir", but with this book... it's so much filled with emotions and it's so incredibly deep and profound that it's very hard to describe or convey if you will, what it is about and the moral of its story.


I guess each and everyone of us can see it, approach it, and read it differently. It's pointless to go into details the way I've seen it, approached it, and read it, because that would take hours for me to explain.


But I can tell you this: If you've ever been in love, and are very emotional and sensitive person as I can sometimes be, this book with a short story about a girl named Brida and her discoveries about love, life, the universe, throughout the book will not just leave you speechless, it will also leave you overcome with all of your emotions. So feel free to read it at your own risk. ;)